Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No pain, No gain

Yesterday we decided to walk/run the trails at Lady Bird Lake with some friends. We took both the girls and had HIGH hope of success. Not too sure what we were labeling as success, just hoping for success.

Av was definitely dressed for the trails and man did she look cute!! I am talking black leggings, cute sport zip up jacket wearing a blue shirt with her pink running shoes on and I can't forget the ponytail!!

Em, well she was sporting the jogging stroller. What else does a 9 month old need on the trails??

So, as you can see we started off GREAT with positive spirits and energy. (see picture of Av next to the statue). Then it got better, we were getting into a groove of walking and taking turns entertaining my 5 year old. (see second picture of the beautiful trail). Then IT happened...she fell!!! You would have thought that someone was stealing her the way she was screaming. Long story short... She ended up in the stroller and Em in my arms. Which actually gave me a REALLY good workout.

After the trails my friend wanted to do lunges, squats, step ups, and jumping jacks. My legs were BURNING!!!

When I woke up this morning my body didn't feel too bad. I was impressed with myself. But as the day went on the soreness was setting in. Well I am finally home after a long but amazing day and I am in need of some help with the pain(see third picture)...but have no fear another workout is near!!!

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  1. If your legs were burning, it was a success!! Plus, it was fun! :)