Thursday, March 22, 2012


My Lucy girl got fixed today. :( The doctor said she did great through the surgery. He gave orders that she can't run and play with the big dogs for at least a week. It's hard because we have three other dogs in the house. We have moved her kennel away from the others so that she can get some rest. Here is a picture of how sad she looks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am so excited we finally got a SodaStream today and I am in LOVE. I have been asking Avi if we could get one for about a month and last night he gave in. So today I went to Target to purchase it!!! When we got home I immediately opened the box and made my first bottle of carbonated water. I flavored it with raspberry and it was delish. I also made Avi a lemon lime water and a orange flavored water. You can make actual soda too but I'm not too interested in doing that. We did get some sample soda favors with the machine so I am sure we will try the soda but I am just excited about the carbonated water part.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toms that are the same size as an iPhone.

I went on a TOMS shopping spree!!! All of us girls got at least one pair of TOMS... I ordered the Hand Drawn print for Em and they are the same size as an iPhone. They are just adorable. I will be ordering her another pair this weekend. I ordered the Turquoise Glitter for Av and they are very sparkly. Sad news is that they are too big so I need to exchange them. But TOMS company makes it really easy to return or exchange them. And I ordered myself two pairs. :) But I ordered the wrong size so I will be exchanging them too.

YAY for TOMS!!! I bought four pairs for my family and donated four pairs to kids who are in need of shoes. The company has started a huge movement and I will continue to support them.

You can order your pair at