Thursday, March 22, 2012


My Lucy girl got fixed today. :( The doctor said she did great through the surgery. He gave orders that she can't run and play with the big dogs for at least a week. It's hard because we have three other dogs in the house. We have moved her kennel away from the others so that she can get some rest. Here is a picture of how sad she looks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am so excited we finally got a SodaStream today and I am in LOVE. I have been asking Avi if we could get one for about a month and last night he gave in. So today I went to Target to purchase it!!! When we got home I immediately opened the box and made my first bottle of carbonated water. I flavored it with raspberry and it was delish. I also made Avi a lemon lime water and a orange flavored water. You can make actual soda too but I'm not too interested in doing that. We did get some sample soda favors with the machine so I am sure we will try the soda but I am just excited about the carbonated water part.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toms that are the same size as an iPhone.

I went on a TOMS shopping spree!!! All of us girls got at least one pair of TOMS... I ordered the Hand Drawn print for Em and they are the same size as an iPhone. They are just adorable. I will be ordering her another pair this weekend. I ordered the Turquoise Glitter for Av and they are very sparkly. Sad news is that they are too big so I need to exchange them. But TOMS company makes it really easy to return or exchange them. And I ordered myself two pairs. :) But I ordered the wrong size so I will be exchanging them too.

YAY for TOMS!!! I bought four pairs for my family and donated four pairs to kids who are in need of shoes. The company has started a huge movement and I will continue to support them.

You can order your pair at

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No pain, No gain

Yesterday we decided to walk/run the trails at Lady Bird Lake with some friends. We took both the girls and had HIGH hope of success. Not too sure what we were labeling as success, just hoping for success.

Av was definitely dressed for the trails and man did she look cute!! I am talking black leggings, cute sport zip up jacket wearing a blue shirt with her pink running shoes on and I can't forget the ponytail!!

Em, well she was sporting the jogging stroller. What else does a 9 month old need on the trails??

So, as you can see we started off GREAT with positive spirits and energy. (see picture of Av next to the statue). Then it got better, we were getting into a groove of walking and taking turns entertaining my 5 year old. (see second picture of the beautiful trail). Then IT happened...she fell!!! You would have thought that someone was stealing her the way she was screaming. Long story short... She ended up in the stroller and Em in my arms. Which actually gave me a REALLY good workout.

After the trails my friend wanted to do lunges, squats, step ups, and jumping jacks. My legs were BURNING!!!

When I woke up this morning my body didn't feel too bad. I was impressed with myself. But as the day went on the soreness was setting in. Well I am finally home after a long but amazing day and I am in need of some help with the pain(see third picture)...but have no fear another workout is near!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tower

Last night was the 75th birthday of the UT Tower.

This tower gives me GREAT was where my husband proposed to me!! YES, on top of the tower in front of everyone on the tour he bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes of course and we when got to the bottom, to my surprise, there was our family to help us celebrate a wonderful evening!!

Tonight on our way home we drove by and saw it all lit up with its beauty glowing.


Trying New Things

With lunch today I am trying the Greek yogurt everyone has been talking about. Even Pinterest has recipes where it's used.

So my hubby bought some and put it in my lunch box, here goes to trying new things!!

I found it to be very flavorful but the texture is a little too thick for me. Although I like the idea of saying " I had Greek Yogurt for lunch," I'm not sure I will be eating it again.

But at least I can tell my 5 year old, almost 6, that I tried something new today.


I am addicted to this stuff!! I put it on everything and when I don't have it I am very sad.

Right now I have it stored at school and last night I NEEDED it. Avi tried to get me to use a different brand, name untold, but I just couldn't.

But no worries I used it on my lunch today and YUMMY!!!

I guess I need to buy another bottle to leave at home. :)